About us

    Mirfield Community Centre is run by local people who have come together to form the Mirfield Community Centre Management Committee which has run very successfuly since the mid 90s.

    Run by the people, for the people of Mirfield.

    About Mirfield Community Trust

    Mirfield Community Trust, a registered charity, currently operate from the Mirfield Community Centre. In addition they provide an "Outreach Programme" to engage with disadvantaged and excluded young people within Mirfield boundaries and periphery communities.

    The Trust carries out special projects to encourage community cohesion by bringing together young people from different backgrounds and cultures involving local schools and various estate groups.

    Their Constitution/Scheme places the following responsibility on trustees:
    • To provide a new purpose-built community centre to meet the needs and aspirations of all sections of the community with the emphasis on young people.
    • To engage with young people and community groups, with a positive attitude to addressing areas of disadvantage and exclusion
    • To encourage community cohesion, mutual respect and understanding between people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and gender.